From the spark that ignited it all in 1912, to the flames that burn across
the world today. Our journey has always been about one thing:
We use fire to turn it into the solution we need.

Today we use fire to turn biomass and waste into clean energy.
One flame at a time.

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3 reasons to work at Vyncke

Energy installation biomass boiler

We ignite excellence

We want to be the reference in an industry that is constantly evolving. What does this mean? That the quality and durability of our installations change for the better every single day, and that we reinvent fire to turn biomass and waste into energy.

We fuel your flame

At VYNCKE, you get the chance to develop your knowledge and skills, discover your strengths and learn from colleagues. Because you don’t walk your path of growth alone. Your colleagues are here to support you – you just need to ask.

We keep the fire burning

Do you want to work on a global scale while experiencing the warmth of a family-led business? In each of our settlements around the globe, you’ll experience our authentic culture of mutual care, a trait unique to a company built on family values.

Careers on fire

Site Manager

Technical & Engineering in the field
– Belgium

Project Sales Manager EPC

Technical & Engineering in the market
– Belgium

Experienced Commissioning Engineer

Technical & Engineering in the field
– Belgium

Choose your career path

Technical & Engineering

Do your technical skills match our innovative spirit? As a technician or engineer you are the architect of our energy solutions, designing systems that align with nature and technology, as well as budget and deadlines.

Shared Services

While you won’t work on the technical side of things, our Shared Services team still plays a big part in making every project possible.

Values that fuel our fire


At VYNCKE, ambition fuels our progress. We aim high to push boundaries and to be the reference for tailor-made clean energy solutions globally.


Alignment is key. As Vynckeneers, we move together, united in our goals for the future, ensuring that we take every step as a team.


Authenticity is at our core. We respect and value differences, honesty, trust and genuine connections. This creates an environment where every Vynckeneer can be their true self.

Meet the Vynckeneers

What does it mean to be a Vynckeneer? They’ll tell you themselves! Discover their experiences, challenges and triumphs, and find out what it truly means to be part of our family.