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In 1912, more than a century ago, VYNCKE was born from the hands of a single blacksmith: Louis VYNCKE. Today, we’ve grown into a leader in the industry of clean energy technology. Our journey from a family-run workshop to a pioneer in clean energy has been driven by an unwavering commitment to our customers and a deep respect for our planet. At VYNCKE, you join a legacy and a community that values tradition while fearlessly stepping into the future.

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Louis VYNCKE founded our family business in 1912. As a blacksmith based at the heart of the Flemish flax industry, he started his career servicing the many coal-fired steam boilers in the region. He soon discovered a great opportunity and converted the coal-fired boilers into biomass boilers to run on flax waste. Long before the Kyoto Protocol and global warming, he offered his customers a revolutionary way of harnessing energy and disposing their waste at the same time. Today, Peter and Dieter – the 4th generation of VYNCKE – continue to write the story of the family business together with CEO Stefaan LAUWERS.

VYNCKE is more than just an employer, it’s a community of people with a wide variety of nationalities, ages, cultures, gender, seniority… You are not just an employee here, but a family member. VYNCKE offers a place where people matter, where you can feel at home, where you can live your values. Just ask our over 410 Vynckeneers.





VYNCKE is organized strategically around the world to be able to service our customers locally and quickly. We have settlements in Brazil, Ivory Coast, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & China. 

Today, we have built more than 4300 references in over 100 countries, and we have added countless types of solid fuels to our experience portfolio. We mainly supply to the agri-food industry, the wood industry and all other industries worldwide that choose to make use of biomass and solid recovered fuels instead of fossil fuels. Each solution is tailor-made to suit the needs of every customer.

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Sustainability at VYNCKE

Energy from waste, with respect for our nest

We energize the industry, but with respect for our nest. We want to forge a brighter, greener future for the industry and the planet alike.

With our team of engaged Vynckeneers, providing clean energy technology solutions to industrial customers, we bring down the use of fossil fuels and the need to landfill waste.

We realize this mission in joint commitment with our suppliers and our customers.

Our Vyncke industries

Agri and food

Food processing facilities often require large quantities of process heat and electrical power to deliver finished food products at the highest quality standards. Businesses as diverse as cocoa plants in Ghana, palm oil refineries in Malaysia, soybean crush plants in Argentina, rice mills in Italy, sunflower oil extraction plants in Ukraine… all rely on VYNCKE’s expertise to convert their challenging waste streams into reliable and stable process energy.


In the wood industry, production waste is the main fuel for generating energy for the process itself. The most common types of waste derived from production are bark, sawdust, sanding dust, offcuts, trimmings, and wood shavings. All these residues can be used to fuel our energy plants. We turn solid fuels into energy to produce energy in the form of hot air, hot water, thermal oil, steam, and power.

Recovered fuels

Unavoidable waste can still be useful as fuel. Our energy plants around the world have been successfully converting recovered waste streams into heat and electricity for years. Examples of recovered fuels include biomass waste from industries, wood waste after recycling, as well as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Harnessing energy from recycled waste is part of creating a sustainable, circular economy with the aim to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

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