Shared services

While you won’t work on the technical side of things, our shared services team plays a big part in making every project possible.

Working in shared services

VYNCKE is a family, and we need people that can keep our community together and functioning all over the world. As a colleague in shared services, you play a vital role in VYNCKE’s growth as a company, a service provider and an employer. While our engineers, technicians and manufacturers design, build, and maintain our solutions, you make sure that our company is a well-oiled machine.

Choose your career

There are many different specialties within shared services, from Finance & Compliance, to HR & Communication, ICT & Facilities and Safety & Quality. Each of these builds a framework for VYNCKE to innovate and excel globally.

Finance & Compliance

When working in Finance, you’re at the basis of our financial health. Together with the team, your main mission is to guarantee that VYNCKE’s legacy can continue for generations to come and that we can keep making the difference for industries worldwide. We will also need your legal and administrative skills to navigate our business on a global scale, respecting our obligations.


HR & Communication

HR is about building a strong, resilient and thriving organization by investing in the strength and potential of its people. You’ll be involved in attracting talent, onboarding Vynckeneers, developing policies and nurturing our workplace culture. Our communication team drives VYNCKE’s brand and message across the globe. From strategy to execution, you’ll create compelling communication and play a key role in positioning VYNCKE as a leader in clean energy solutions.

ICT & Facilities

You will be creating a work environment that enables Vynckeneers to give their best shot every day. You provide a secure digital workspace, along with platforms, tools and apps that make our work processes efficient and future-proof. You make VYNCKE’s settlement an attractive spot where every Vynckeneer is happy to be and every visitor is hosted to first-class standards.

Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality ensures excellence in quality and safety standards throughout our project lifecycle. It is our aim to operate efficiently and effectively all while ensuring everyone’s safety, managing risks, and maintaining quality. This commitment not only supports every stakeholder but also embodies the ‘jeunen’ factor – working together with passion and purpose to achieve our ambitious goals.


3 reasons to work at Vyncke in shared services

We ignite excellence

In shared services, you play a key role in VYNCKE’s success. Whether it’s by making financially sound decisions or by creating an environment of respect and teamwork, your work directly impacts our people, our business and our future.

We fuel your flame

We offer an environment where your professional growth is a priority. You’ll have opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and autonomy to lead internal projects, making sure you grow both personally and professionally.

We keep the fire burning

Working in shared services at VYNCKE means being part of a close-knit community. Our culture values mutual care and respect, creating a workplace where every voice matters and every contribution is essential to our collective success.

Careers on fire

Project Officer

Shared services
– Belgium

Project Controller

Shared services
– Malaysia

HR International Mobility Coordinator

– Belgium

Your growth

On-the-job learning

Aside from mentorships and learning programs, a big part of your growth at VYNCKE comes from on-the-job learning. Dive into collaborative projects with experts in various fields like tax, compliance, labor law and sustainability, and get a unique opportunity to grow your knowledge and skills every time.

Grow with our community

You learn from colleagues, but not just the ones in your office. At VYNCKE we also invest in workshops, seminars and international webinars to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development across different regions.

Program for potential leaders

Embark on a journey of personal and professional growth with VYNCKE’s leadership program, designed to nurture your potential and prepare you for future leadership roles within the organization.

Where do you want to work?

VYNCKE is a global company. This means that there are many locations (we call them settlements) across the world. Each of them has its own unique characteristics. Discover all the locations where we hire.

This is how you become a Vynckeneer

Our application process is designed not only to find the right match, but to offer you insights and a true taste of the VYNCKE experience. You’ll learn about us, about yourself, and about your future.

We contact you

After you apply, our first step is to connect with you, opening the door to possibilities and understanding your aspirations.

We meet face-to-face

Our in-person discussions are where we dive deeper, understanding your skills and how you can spark with us.

We offer you a spot

If it’s a match, we warmly offer you a spot in the VYNCKE family, marking the start of an exciting journey together.

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