In the market

This role is perfect if you’re driven by the challenge of matching unique customer needs with our custom-engineered solutions, using your technical insight and commercial skills to make a real-world impact. 

Working as an engineer in the market

When you work in the market, your main priority is to understand the energy needs of customers, businesses and communities, and translate them into VYNCKE’s solutions. This puts you at the forefront of our mission, so we truly value your role. Together with our internal teams, you’re part of the vital link that brings VYNCKE’s technologies to a wide range of industries, helping to drive sustainable change and make a global impact.

3 reasons to work at Vyncke as an engineer in the market

Energy installation biomass boiler

We ignite excellence

Working in the market for VYNCKE means that you can take pride in advocating for solutions you believe in, knowing that they make a real difference for our customers and our world.

Vynckeneers in the market

We fuel your flame

Thrive in a culture that prioritizes mutual support. As part of our sales team, you never work alone, because selling is a team effort. You’ll connect closely with customers and colleagues, fostering relationships that drive both personal and professional growth for you and your team.

We keep the fire burning

At VYNCKE, we’re passionate. About fire, quality and making a difference. As one of our sales people, you impact the business and ambitions of our customers. Whether they want to be more sustainable or less dependent on fossil fuels, you bring them the solution they need to move forward.

Careers on fire

Customer Service Manager

Technical & Engineering in the market
– Malaysia

Customer Service Team Manager

Technical & Engineering in the market
– Belgium

Project Sales Manager Europe

Technical & Engineering in the market
– Spain

Your growth at Vyncke

At VYNCKE, continuous learning is not just encouraged – it’s essential. As a knowledge-driven business, we’re always innovating and exploring new solutions, pushing the boundaries of technology in clean energy.

VYNCKE Technology Program

The VTP offers a deep dive into the technologies VYNCKE utilizes, with sessions led by worldwide experts from our team. Topics include fuel analysis, combustion technologies, control loops, and flue gas treatment, aiming to enrich your understanding and application of our core tech.

Develop your technical skills

We focus on nurturing your technical knowledge and skills according to your interests and the needs of our team. To do this, we constantly try to identify opportunities for you to develop expertise in specific technical domains.

On-the-job training

Aside from mentorships and learning programs, a big part of your growth at VYNCKE comes from on-the-job learning. Each project is a complex, custom-made opportunity to help you learn and grow. We want you to embrace these opportunities with both hands, so we will give you the trust and autonomy to do so.

Develop your behavioral skills

When you work closely together like we do at VYNCKE, technical skills alone aren’t enough. Through internal and external training we enhance your behavioral skills in communication, teamwork, project management, negotiation, public speaking, and dealing with customer feedback.

Where do you want to work?

VYNCKE is a global company. This means that there are many locations (we call them settlements) across the world. Each of them has its own unique characteristics. Discover all the locations where we hire.

This is how you become a Vynckeneer

Our application process is designed not only to find the right match, but to offer you insights and a true taste of the VYNCKE experience. You’ll learn about us, about yourself, and about your future.

We contact you

After you apply, our first step is to connect with you, opening the door to possibilities and understanding your aspirations.

We meet face-to-face

Our in-person discussions are where we dive deeper, understanding your skills and how you can spark with us.

We offer you a spot

If it’s a match, we warmly offer you a spot in the VYNCKE family, marking the start of an exciting journey together.

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