This is where the magic happens. In our manufacturing unit in the Czech Republic, the ideas and designs become reality. Here, we manufacture our core products.

Working in manufacturing

At VYNCKE’s manufacturing site, you build the backbone of our clean energy solutions. With every task you complete we are one step closer to another successful project. That’s why your craftsmanship is so important to us.

In our manufacturing unit, each project comes with new challenges that you can learn from. Challenges that you never have to face alone, because you are surrounded by a team that is ready to help.

3 reasons to work at Vyncke in manufacturing

We ignite excellence

Your work in manufacturing has a direct effect on building our sustainable energy solutions. Each core component you create plays a crucial role in our global impact, our customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.

We fuel your flame

At VYNCKE, we value the mastery of craft. That’s why we want to help you grow your skills. By learning on the job, you can grow your expertise with every project.

We keep the fire burning

Our manufacturing site is a hub of collaboration and innovation. You’ll be part of a team that shares knowledge and pushes the boundaries of clean energy technology.

Careers on fire

Your growth

At VYNCKE, continuous learning is not just encouraged—it’s essential. As a knowledge-driven business, we’re always innovating and exploring new solutions, pushing the boundaries of technology in clean energy.

VIP Day Introduction

VIP Day is our unique way to immerse our new manufacturing Vynckeneers into our culture. Once a year in the Czech Republic, we organize this event as a deep dive into everything VYNCKE. On this day filled with experiences, we will offer you a closer look at our operations, technology and collaborative spirit.

Expertise in welding

Our manufacturing domain offers a special focus on becoming an expert in various welding techniques. We provide the resources and space for you to master your welding skills, contributing to the high-quality energy solutions we’re known for.

On-the-job learning

Each project at VYNCKE is a new adventure, with tailor-made combustion grates and feeding systems presenting fresh challenges and learning opportunities. We believe in learning by doing, making sure you get invaluable hands-on experience with every task.

Global on-site interventions

Working in manufacturing at VYNCKE also opens opportunities for on-site interventions around the world. Under the guidance of our Customer Services team, you’ll have the chance to apply your skills on a global scale, supporting our installations and clients worldwide.

This is how you become a Vynckeneer

Our application process is designed not only to find the right match, but to offer you insights and a true taste of the VYNCKE experience. You’ll learn about us, about yourself, and about your future.

We contact you

After you apply, our first step is to connect with you, opening the door to possibilities and understanding your aspirations.

We meet face-to-face

Our in-person discussions are where we dive deeper, understanding your skills and how you can spark with us.

We offer you a spot

If it’s a match, we warmly offer you a spot in the VYNCKE family, marking the start of an exciting journey together.

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