We are Vynckeneers

With its deep-rooted traditions, VYNCKE is more than an employer, it’s a community. In each of our settlements around the globe, you’ll experience our authentic culture of mutual care. Do you want to become a Vynckeneer?

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What does it mean to be a Vynckeneer? They’ll tell you themselves! Discover their experiences, challenges and triumphs, and discover what it really means to be part of our community.

‘Jeunen’ is a West Flemish word that summarizes our culture. It’s impossible to translate, but easy for us to explain. It means achieving an ambitious goal together with other people while you can fully be yourself.

Can’t wait to experience ‘jeunen’ yourself? If you align with our values and see yourself becoming a Vynckeneer, then we can’t wait to meet you.
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